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Check Out The New Stuff!!

See what we have cooked up as we harvest new photos and memorabilia from Alums to help our existing postings grow and prosper.  Check out the postings below that have had new content added to enhance their nostalgic splendor! Awesome pictures from the 1930’s and 40’s….Saginaw in it’s infancy….you won’t believe your eyes. Great shots of camp activities and your friends who made the … Continue reading Check Out The New Stuff!!

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Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2017 Is Coming!

Save The Date September 15th through September 17, 2017 Camp Saginaw Triennial Reunion Do you still find yourself daydreaming about camp and wishing for the chance to go back and do it all over again? If so, you can once again be woken up to the sounds of reveille, sing at the top of your lungs in the Dining Hall, watch with your stomach in … Continue reading Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2017 Is Coming!

Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-Version II

For the second time Hank “Zeus II” Aberman organized a casual Saturday afternoon get together for Saginaw Alums at the Waterfront Marriott in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.  About 20 Supes from the 1950’s through 1970’s got together with old friends for lunch and reminiscence and a whole bunch of needling. The morning began with lots of back slapping and finger pointing at images and … Continue reading Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-Version II

Brother and Sister

All of us know Camp Saginaw was a family affair.  Parents emptied their households each summer to take those long awaited vacations or just to spend adult time with each other. For many of those parents they were sending us to a place they knew well from their youth.  The multi-generational connections at Saginaw run deep. Often at camp we had older siblings who had … Continue reading Brother and Sister

T-Shirt Memories

Many of us have an old Acropolis Dove, Hill Hawk,  or League T-shirt in the back of a drawer or a storage box somewhere that time and personal expansion preclude the possibility of wearing again, but we still hang on to it for the sweet camp memories that it evokes. Well Randi Burak, a Saginaw lifer from 1989 to 1999, came up with a better … Continue reading T-Shirt Memories

Kodak Moments 1970s

The 1970s was a period of transition at Saginaw as the moors of the society at large were being challenged by the youth across America.  Many believed we had stepped into “The Age of Aquarius” and there was no stopping the introduction of long hair, torn jeans, and recreational substances that would influence the camp experience during this decade of change. It was also a … Continue reading Kodak Moments 1970s

Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2014

The alums of Saginaw returned to the home turf as they do every three years in September of 2014 to catch up on things and share secrets on arresting the aging process.  Spending times with friends talking about youthful summer days together has a way of turning back the pages of time. This year’s three-day extravaganza was expertly organized and run by Andrew Senker and … Continue reading Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2014