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Check Out The New Stuff!!

See what we have cooked up as we continue harvest new photos and memorabilia from Alums to help our existing postings grow and prosper since June 1, 2017.  Sample images of the new content are shown,  but make sure to click on the link below each image to check out  how this and other new stuff have enhanced the postings with new nostalgic splendor! New … Continue reading Check Out The New Stuff!!

Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-2022

It has been close to three years since we have been able to do this in person, but this Sunday afternoon brought together over 30 old friends at Woodholme Country Club for some lunch, a kibbitz, and a just a chance to hug and kiss in person those with whom we share cherished memories of years spent together at Camp Saginaw. . It began with … Continue reading Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-2022

Herb Cohen Memorial Fund Appeal 2020

We all understand the challenges this Covid Pandemic has created for entities like Saginaw and it’s effort to continue to provide lifetime memories to another generation of kids through a true summer camp experience.  The Herb Cohen Memorial Fund was created in Herbie’s memory with the sole purpose of providing the camping opportunity at Saginaw and other regional camps for kids without sufficient family resources … Continue reading Herb Cohen Memorial Fund Appeal 2020

Saginaw Supes Zoom Reunion 2020

With the Covid Conditions making the annual Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion an impossibility this year, Hank, Peep, and Maddie got this hair brained idea of putting together a virtual Saginaw campfire on Zoom to get the Supes minions together.  About 48 of the loyalists logged into Zoom to share smiles, stories, and Saginaw goodwill before their afternoon naps. In vintage Zeus II style, Hank took … Continue reading Saginaw Supes Zoom Reunion 2020

Intelligence Test

After a prolonged period of forced captivity Hankus, a.k.a. Zeus Deux, a.k.a. Hugh, a.k.a. _______________ (you fill in the blank), put together a little Supe Super Quiz from the “Saginaw Developmental Era”, as archaeologists will come to recognize it, to help stimulate your brain neurons. See how many of these brain teasers answer without texting your friends.           Supe Super Quiz What was the last … Continue reading Intelligence Test

Saginaw Alumni Newsletter 1985

As things like this can percolate to the surface, this artifact was discovered by Susan Kipnis Berson who was cleaning out her garage in Denver.  For those Supes from the pre-1965 era you will find this a nostalgic stroll in the past. The Alumni Newsletter (Issue I) was the work of the 1985 Saginaw Reunion organizers Maddie Lavine, Peep Hayman, and Wendy Miller in an … Continue reading Saginaw Alumni Newsletter 1985

Hill Sporting Life

It is no secret that the lifeblood of the Hill experience was the daily sporting activities that ranged from softball and basketball leagues to more eclectic sporting avocations like golf, tennis, and riflery.  We had team uniforms, drafts to assemble franchises, standings posted on the Hill bulletin board outside Hill 1,  MVP awards, and lots of certificates and trophies as well. The first week of … Continue reading Hill Sporting Life

Freedom Rider…R.I.P.

In many ways the image of Connie Chalick as a free spirit riding his street machine off into the sunset across Pennsylvania is an appropriate one.  Along with his running mates Herbie Cohen, Danny Pevner,  and his wife Shirley,  Connie left an indelible mark on the evolution of the Saginaw way of life and the lives of campers and staff who were lucky enough to … Continue reading Freedom Rider…R.I.P.

Harlem Wizards Visit Saginaw

On August 6, 1971 the campers at Saginaw were treated to an awesome display of basketball wizardry by none other than the Harlem Wizards.  Originally started in 1962 by Howie Davis, this band of quality college and wannabee NBA players traveled the country entertaining crowds in a basketball lampooning tradition started by the more famous Globetrotters. (Click to read about the history of the Harlem … Continue reading Harlem Wizards Visit Saginaw