Nero Shapiro My Hero

No one has established the date of this performance but it was the last known stage showing of that classic Hill drama, “Nero Schapiro the Hero”.

This is a show the Hill counselors love to perform and the audiences not so much love to watch it.  The heroes and heroines and often the seasoned actors are the same but you never really know what you are going to get with the creative ad libs of the performers.

And then there was the singing……it was a musical you remember.  “Who’s that knocking at my door, who’s that knocking at my door?……Open the door you villainous boor, it’s Nero Shapiro the Hero!”

This first scene is where Black Jack, the Foaming Armenian (Hank Aberman) from Shyster Hill flattens Nero (Jack Weiss) and steals Nelle the Belle (Herbie Cohen) away from Nero.

Nero Shapiro My Hero 2008 Scene 1

The dramatic flair of these gifted thespians is shown as Nelle swoons as Nero succumbs to Black Jack’s barbarous attack and Black Jack is caught “holding the old bag”.

Nelle Swoons as Nero Gets Punched


What follows is Jerky Jane the Jentian Violet (Connie Chalick), Black Jack’s former lover, sings her famous aria “My name is Jerky Jane, and I was Black Jack’s dame, he’s now in love with Nelle” (sob).

Nero Shapiro My Hero 2008 Scene 2


As it should be, Nero returns the favor and flattens Black Bart to reconnect with Nelle.

Nero Shapiro My Hero 2008 Scene 3


In the final triumphal scene, Cecil the Brave Sheriff (Dany Pevner) expresses love for Jerky Jane while the lovers Nero and Nelle watch approvingly.

Nero Shapiro My Hero 2008 Scene 4


The audience wildly applauds to ensure the performance ends.

(Click to see the original 1966 script of this Thee-Act Play that actually had four acts)

It has been rumored that a gold version of this performance can be seen on Turner Classics but this has not been confirmed.



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