Hill Alumni Day

In July of 1966 the first Hill Alumni Day was held.  Part of the festivities was a songfest concert performed by the entire Hill, both campers and counselors, on the Dell stage.  Harvey Forman, a Zeus in training, is doing his best Robert Shaw imitation leading the choral presentation.

1966 Alumni Day Songfest

You can see the smart British Foreign Legion look in the  berets the Hillmen are wearing to go with their white Hill T-Shirts with the 1966 Hill Hawk emblem.  The counselors are sporting their 1966 Hill-IJ Game burgundy jersey’s and white hats.  For a bunch of 13 to 17 year olds this is a fairly intimidating look.

The person wearing the Hill Hawk Mascot outfit remains unidentified.

Here you see Jeff Cooper providing musical and choral support for the troops.


The black and white in the top photo shows the beret look in better detail from the next year in 1967.  Coupled with the Great Escape song this British military persona was very Richard Attenborough-esque.

July, 1966


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