Saginaw Specials 1960

Early in the Cold War a little known covert action was launched in the summer of 1960 which involved a cadre of members of the previously unrevealed elite Saginaw Specials Force.  An outside intruder was known to have penetrated the camp perimeter and it was Mickey Rothstein and Hank Aberman along with other Saginaw Specials operatives who tracked, captured, and brought to justice the perpetrator.

Using his special forces training Major Mickey tracked down the transport vehicle parked behind the office and disabled it by cleverly ripping out the distributor wires.  Laying in wait nearby the two heard the intruder trying to unsuccessfully start his truck and descended upon him taking him into custody.

The official Certificate Of Award given to honor their bravery
The official Certificate Of Award given to honor their bravery in action

As evidenced by the official certificate from the Supreme Allied Commander of All, Herb Cohen, these two were cited “for outstanding heroism above and beyond the call of duty.  For extraordinary preparation and devotion to the cause for which all S.S. men are dedicated and for containing, repelling, and capturing the enemy under the severest of battle conditions.” Both men received promotions to Lieutenant Colonel for their actions.

Leave it to Herbie to understate the gravity of the situation.

Summer, 1960


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