The Dave Clark Five-Blast From The Past

Back on July 17, 1966 the Saginaw Seniors made a memorable field trip to Camden Country Music Fair in Haddonfield, New Jersey to see, none other than, The Dave Clark Five.

From the memory annals of Brian Redman comes:

Anybody remember taking a camp trip to see The Dave Clark Five perform (gulp!) 50 years ago?

I recall bits & pieces of the show, but know I was glad all over (and over) to be there because everybody knows these five guys from Tottenham, England sing any way you want and I for one like it like that.

So it was… is the setlist from that memorable evening.

(Click to see The Dave Clark Five Setlist from 7/17/66)

A few reminiscent photos from that era

Embed from Getty Images


Embed from Getty Images


Embed from Getty Images


Jar your memory-click for a little sing along to ‘Because’

July 17, 1966


One thought on “The Dave Clark Five-Blast From The Past

  1. In the summer of 1966, in Hill 4, Jeff Kleiman mustered Herculean courage and insisted, from the start of the summer, before we knew anything about an upcoming trip to any concert, that the Dave Clark 5 were better than the Beatles! Imagine! For every insistent and disbelieving challenge by one and all, he had a “proof positive” example. For every astonished assertion of the Beatles’ superiority, and Jeff’s apostasy, he was up for the challenge and asserted defiantly the DC5’s obvious magnificence. He knew the band intimately and made player by player comparisons, to the hilarious astonishment of us all. When it was announced that we were going to actually see the band, Jeff was in extacy, taking this as the gods’ affirmation of his deep and fervent, religious attachment to this band and its music! The night of the concert was magical. We went together as a circle of friends, not yet unified in our acceptance of our defeat. But Jeff was humble and magnanimous in his stunning victory! He was a mensch and gracious to us all! As we circled around Jeff, enjoying his enjoyment, little by little, as we tried to cling to our preference, the greatness of the band, and that amazing drum beat, took us over. Whether or not any life-long conversions took place, I don’t know, but for that one night, we became “Jeffians” and “5ians” and grooved to the band, in just the way that 10 Jewish 13 year old boys could “groove.” On the bus ride home, no one tried to challenge Jeff any longer. We had had a blast. We sang (if that word could capture the sounds emanating from our newly pubertal throats!) and celebrated; the division was non-existent and out of consideration. Jeff was exultant and we were triumphant in his triumph! It was a true Hill moment of the joining of opposites in teamwork and sportsmanship. For a few hours we were as one, and Jeff was our captain. We fell asleep humming and remembering the glory of our shared victory, and as the rest of the summer unfolded, the Dave Clark 5 was fully accepted into the exalted heights of greatness, and Jeff’s leadership in this elevation was acknowledged. What a summer! What a group of friends! What a place, and how lucky we were to have been there.


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