Inter All-Star Classic

In the early 1960’s a group of camp enthusiasts who had come up through the camper/waiter ranks took over leadership and took it upon themselves to reinvent the Inter Boys Division.  They infused a renewed sense of excitement by introducing a number of innovative events that really excited the kids and caught the attention of the rest of the camp.

Barry Greene became the Inter Division Leader in 1962 and along with his rat pack of cohorts, which included Jim Korman, Kenny Waissman, Harold Levinson, Dan Gottsegen, Mel Kushner, Mike Sussman, and others, could, as Barry has said, take a creative idea and turn it into a Broadway Production in 24 hours.

The result were things like Mystery Day,  Robin Hood Campfire, Political Election Social of 1964, Monster Mash Socials, and the Inter All-Star Classic.

1962 All-Star Classic Jim Korman as Stengel or Houk or someone else from the Yankees
All-Star Classic: Jim Korman as Stengel or Houk shouting instructions from the first base coaches box

Mystery Day they set up a murder crime scene in the Canteen or Saniford Hall as you would see in the game Clue.  Two teams had to walk the scene without talking to collect information for a collaborative trial that ensued where they interrogated witnesses trying to solve the Who-Done-It mystery.

1963 Monster Mash-Jim Korman as Dracula was a graveyard smash!
1963 Monster Mash-Jim Korman as Dracula was a graveyard smash!

The Monster Mash Socials were a huge hit.  Counselors dressed up in the ghoulish look of the day to scare the kids and create the Halloween atmosphere in August.  Jim Korman tells the story of walking into Herbie’s cabin in full Dracula attire and scaring the daylights out of him.


The grand daddy of them all was the annual All-Star Classic which had all the pageantry of today’s Little League World Series from Williamsport.  They duded up the big diamond on lower field to be a full-fledged stadium.  Patriotic buntings and flags all around a field chalked and lined just like the Big Show.  There was an outfield wall set at 130 feet to ensure a few homers,  full blown game program, a public announcer doing the play-by-olay, national anthem, and a throwing out of the first pitch by the Commish.

I remember in 1965 I was second baseman Felix Mantilla of the Boston Red Sox and, as all the kids did, took great pride in the meticulous task of custom making my authentic Boston Red Sox game jersey with a tee shirt and magic markers.  I still have residual staining under my fingernails from the effort.

You can relive the fanfare of the 1965 All-Star Classic through the link to the 1965 Game Grogram below.  It reveals a number of interesting facts like:

Most Valuable Players

1962  Dennis Herman (Luis Aparicio)

1963  Billy Kilgore (Whitey Ford)

1964  Don Gettinger (Sandy Koufax)


Order of Events

2:30 Welcome by Ford Frick (Kenny Greene)

2:35 Introduction of the Players

2:45 Meeting of the umpires, managers, and captains

2:50 National Anthem (sung by Mickey Rothstein)

2:55 Herbie Cohen throws out the first ball

3:00 PLAY BALL!!

As well as a full game summary of the 1964 game where Sandy Koufax pitched a 2-hitter and hit a home run on his way to being the MVP in the game.  Interesting enough Don Gettinger was reincarnated as Milt Pappas for the 1965 Classic.

Programs From Inter All-Star Classics

(Click to see the Player Line-up from the 1962 Inter All-Star Classic)

(Click to see the Game Program from the 1963 Inter All-Star Classic)

(Click to see the Game Program from the 1965 Inter All-Star Classic)

To those of us who traveled through the Inter Division during this period on the way to The Hill, we owe a debt of gratitude to these guys who created a way station of unique and memorable experiences that remain with us to this day.


2 thoughts on “Inter All-Star Classic

  1. The All Star Classic was my favorite part of my 2 summers in the Inters ( 1968-9 ) I remember I was Norm Cash in 1968 and Felix Millan in 1969. Years later when I was in college I worked at a local day camp and started the same type of All-Star game for the campers. We had T-shirts made up and broadcasted the games. It was not the same as the Saginaw Classics.


    1. David,

      This was my favorite event of the year as an Inter as well. I was not kidding when I said in the posting that the pageantry of this was
      similar to the feeling I get when I watch the Little League World Series each August from Williamsport. I remember how cool it was making
      my own jersey from the image on the baseball card…if you could make it look at all authentic you thought you were Rembrandt.

      Moe Dweck


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