Got Stuff For This Site?

We are trolling for interesting stories, camp photos, camp documents, event programs, images of Hill and Acropolis jerseys and shirts, pictures of camp awards, or other cool stuff to enhance the postings on this site.

Memorabilia from both Boys and Girls Camps and all generations of Saginaw Alumni are needed.

Take a walk down memory lane and dig into those old photo collections and storage boxes.

If you have stuff to share with us you can scan and email photos and documents to Blogmeister Moe at:

Please scan photos as JPEG and documents as PDF files.

For those who are a little timid on how to scan photos click here to check out this app for your iPhone called Photomyne . 

This app will allow you to scan directly from your photo albums  or photo originals using the camera on your phone and save the photos digitally in an album on your phone.  You can then select them from the phone album and email them to us from your iPhone.  It is as easy as that!


One thought on “Got Stuff For This Site?

  1. Anybody else remember this song (1950’s)? As I recall, it was a general song, not connected with Color War:

    Saginaw, you’ll always be
    Our favorite memory
    Bright years of harmony
    Happy with you

    Mem’ries of Red and Blue
    And of all the friends so true
    Through the years
    Come back anew

    Saginaw, here’s to you!


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