Pyramid Power

There were always many mystical forces at work at Saginaw and in collecting images of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s there seemed to be a synergy around human pyramids.

They came in all shapes and sizes-campers, waiters, and counselors.  The common denominator seems to be that they all evoked similar facial expressions….a mix of looks replete with giggles and trepidation.

1970’s Youth: Jody Reines, Leslie Siegel, Marcia Gerber, Gail Ulanow, Cindy Faith Swain (a.k.a. Cindy Rosenzweig)


Acropolis 1970’s: Myra Holt, Amy Kurtzman, Berne Bronk, Steffi Baer, Nesa Orlowitz, Cookie Rosenthal, and Rona Kramer


1968: Sandi Sherr, Sharon Korman, Sherrie Sirkin, Marilyn Skolnick, and  Bobbi Newman add further geometric interpretation


Waiters of 1967: “Diva” Jack Wilen, Bruce Rosen, Buddy Rappaport, David Lipstein, Lenny Wisotsky, and Mike “Fats” Goldstein


As things went at Saginaw a good concept could not be overdone!


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