Kodak Moments: 1950’s

From the earliest days capturing images of Saginaw life on film was a well established tradition.  Whether it was a studio photographer snapping group bunk pictures or an overzealous parent with a Brownie Hawkeye capturing his kid diving at the pool, a major post-season activity was filling photo albums commemorating the Saginaw experience.

Here you will see, albiet in black and white since it was the 50’s, an array of nostalgic shots we have collected from members of the choir as they say.  They capture the flavor of the place and the sense of belonging that it fostered.

1950 Freshmen: Front row includes Donnie Blumenthal, Howie Davidov, Jimmy Korman, Billy Heiman, Andy Greenwald, David Katz, Fuzzy ?, Mel Estrin  Middle row includes Alan Nimitz, Steve Savrin, ____ Rappaport, David Samuels
1952 Inter Bunk Pic
1952 Inters:

You can see in the bunk pictures above the full array of Saginaw logos that were in the works from the early days.  A wide selection of hair styles too!

1950s David Lavine 4 yrs
1949: David Lavine’s first year at Saginaw as a 4 year old
Just beginning…1949…Steve Sugar and Jim Korman
1953 Harold Levinson standing in Junior Camp in front of the Mess Hall
1951 Sophomore Bunk Inspections
1951 Sophomore Bunk 11…just added that winter… here is morning inspection…hospital corners and all.  Included Joe Gimbel, Herb Janney, Joe Mund, Bruce Samuels, and ?
195_ Pyramid
1950’s:  Ancient Saginaw Pyramids….a long standing (or kneeling) tradition
1958 Visiting Day Vivien, Lippy, and Matt
1958 Visiting Day: Vivien, Matt, and Lippy Redman……nice hosiery!!
1958 Matt and Elliot Hayman
1958: Elliot Hyman’s whistle makes him division leader with Matt Redman and ????
1958 Matt, Bruce Steve Feld, Frankel
1958: Bunkmates Matt Redman, Steve Feld, and Bob Frankel down front
1959 Nature Walk Matt and Frank Borstein
1959: Long pants probably mean a nature walk…Matt Redman with Frank Borstein

Activities we never did at home like hiking and overnights, campfires, canoeing, horseback riding, archery, and riflery were a part of the outdoor life skills we experienced at Saginaw.

1951 Sophomore Building A Campfire
1951: Collecting timber and building the campfire
1952 Inter Overnight Hike
1952: Inter Boys Overnight expedition returns home…Joe Gimbel out front, Larry Berman, and Barry Greene included
1953 Sharpshooter training:  Joel Levin, Alan Zellinger, Harvey Nachman with Danny Pevner providing expert guidance

There were plenty of sports activities we were familiar with like softball, basketball, track and field,  golf, and tennis.

1951 Sophomore Basketball
1951: Hotly contested hoops on lower field’s basketball sand basketball court
1951 Sophomore Tennis Instruction
1951: Tennis instruction…forehands or two-handed backhands well before it’s time?

Not many remember this but in the 1940’s to 1960 there were Friday Night Fights in the Dell for the Juniors.

1947 Boxing
1947: A couple of flyweights going toe-to-toe

Marv Malamut, a boxer in college, was the counselor instructor for this at one point.  Barry Greene recalled that in 1951 he was in Bunk 10 with Neil Abrams as his counselor and participated in his first and last boxing match of his career in the Dell.

1950s Friday Night Fights
Early 1950’s: Friday Night Fights in the Dell
1953: Bert Sugar being prepped by Ronny Mandel….ring ropes were improvised
Bruce Levenson was the Gold Glove Champ at the end of the decade

The pool was a central hub of daily activity for all campers….instructional swim in the morning and free swim anarchy in the afternoon.

Swim Class 1958
1958 Swim Class:   It all started in the shallow end but the goal was to earn your ‘Kingfish” card to swim in the deep end.  Recognize any of these young faces other than Matt Redman (in the halo).
1956 Diving Class: Included from the left Eddie Hankin, Marty Miler, Herb Rose, Eddie Rudd, Larry Abrams (the instructor), and Steve Savrin…entering the water Johnny Weissmuller.

For those with true aquatic interest there was Junior and Senior Life Saving certification. I remember that for the boys this was offered right after morning mess and the water at that hour was downright frigid….lots of goose bumps and shrivel.

1957 Life Saving Class: Steve Goozh, Howie Davidov, David Katz, and Joe Rose
1955 Counselors in top hats
1955:  Looks like some informal formal revelry by the Hill counselor….(L/R)- Al Cooper, Maish Davidson, ?, ?, Hilary Kaplan,  and Neil Abrams
1955 Pitching Hill Court
1955: Joe Gimbel working on his mechanics on Hill Court
1955 Saginaw Bunk Picture
1955: Top Row (L/R)- Elliot Herman, Larry Friedman, Herbie Cohen, Maish Davidson  Front Row (L/R)- Walter Schwartz, Bobby Kline, Jay Weinstein, Joe Gimbel, Sam Zurwitz, Ralph Dweck, ?, Steve Sugar
1956 Saginaw Bunk Picture
1956: Top Row (L/R)- Sam Zurwitz, Steve Sugar, Frank Bornstein, Eli Silverstein, Herb Janney, Joel Goozh, ?, Stan Weinstein  Middle Row (L/R)-  Allen Kullen, Maynard Boyd, Connie Chalik, Neil Abrams,  Herbie Cohen, Joe Gimbel, Jay Weinstein, Bonnie Rashefsky  Front Row (L/R)- Barry Greene, Walter Schwartz, Howard Davidov, Fred Lewis, ?, Jerry Ginsberg, Ralph Dweck
1957 Buddies In Arms
1957: Buddies in arms-Barry Greene, Joe Gimbel, Joel Goozh, and Eli Silverstein
1957 Hillmen Group Shot
1957: Hillmen strike a pose…. Back Row (L/R)- Mel Greberman, Joe Gimbel, Jerry Zoslow, Herb Janney, and Joel Goozh  Front Row (L/R)- Eddie Rudd, Bobby Kline, and Barry Greene.
1957 Couples Grouping
1957: Couples hanging outside the canteen….from L to R…Joe Gimbel and Babs Eisman, Barry Greene and Peep Hayman, David Katz and Janice Berman,  Joel Goozh and Suzie Katz, and Eli Silverstein and Leslie Cooper
1957 Guy and Girl TBD
1957: Joel Goozh looking studly with Maddie Lavine
1959 Courting on the bench
1959: Eddie Abrams and Deanna Rosen courting on central campus
Longwood Gardens 1956
1956: Longwood Gardens trips…..the scene of lots of “courting” as the annual senior boys and girls went to take in some flora and a little culture
1957 Longwood Gardens Kismet
1957: It was Kismet at Longwood Gardens

These field trips out of camp were awesome and often had the added treat of stopping on the way back for a snack or some sweets in Kennett Square at The Kennett Kandy Kitchen.   Talk about sticker shock….check out the prices….Shakes for 15 cents, Fudge Sundae 25 cents, Banana Split 40 cents, and a Club Sandwich for 90 cents for the big spender.

1950s Kennett Kandy Kitchen Menu Cover

(Click to see the offerings at the Kennett Kandy Kitchen and Restaurant)


Jerry Ginsburg
Jerry Ginsburg striking his cool pose
1958 Mickey Rothstein and Barry Greene
1958:  Barry Greene and Mickey Rothstein..returning from somewhere?

The transition between campers and counselors was the waiters.  A bunch of cocky big-man-on-campus types who served up your food and lots of camp lore.

1958 Waiters Bunk Picture
1958 Waiters-Hill 1 & 2:  Back Row (L/R)- Herbie Cohen, Eddie Abrams, Connie Chalick  Middle Row (L/R)- Frank Bornstein, Steve Savran, Stan Weinstein, Herb Janney, Joel Goozh, Eli Silverstein, Butch Thomas, Joe Gimbel  Front Row (L/R)- Barry Greene, Herb Rose, Barry Handloff, Bonnie Reshefsky, Dickie Globman, Howie Brown, David Katz
1959 Waiters:  Back Row-Bonnie Reshefsky, Steve Savrin, Eddie Abrams, Herb Janney, Butch Thomas, Howard Brown  Front Row-Barry Handloff, Dave Katz, Larry Lendenbaum, Barry Greene, Dickie Globman

There were a full range of girl’s activities in this era covering the gamut.

1953 Girls Riflery
1953: Girl’s standing riflery….elbow in!
Girls Archery
1950’s: Girls and the long bows at the archery range
1955 Simon Says Canteen
1955: Mixed activity for younger boys and girls……Simon-Says…or is it Simone?
1956 Girls Color War Leslie Kogod
1956: Unknown activity….love the super cool Saginaw beenie on the second in line!
1959 Joy Gilbert 2nd person
1959: Joy Gilbert second in line for what?
Honey Sherr
Honey Sherr…daughter of owner Lou Sherr…administrating something
1958 Peep Hayman and Swimsuit
1958: Peep Hayman and “The Suit”….everyone wanted to borrow this swimsuit

The bunk shots are always entertaining….formal camp whites…Uncle Lenny and Uncle Bill as bookends.

1956 Girls Bunk K
1956 Girls Bunk K: Back Row L/R Don’t Know  Middle Row L/R F. Shapiro, Joann M., Izzy Kramen, Peep Hayman, Birdie Dwartz, Cookie Nachman  Front Row L/R  Susan Katz, Leslie Lindenbaum, Lois Grossman, and Susan Dweck
Girls Bunk 1958
1958: Back Row L/R: Barbara Perlin (3rd), Honey ? (counselor middle), Susan Kipnis, Connie ? (counselor end)  Middle Row L/R: Uncle Bill, Donna Seldes, Karen Spigel (4th),  Joy Gilbert, Uncle Lenny  Front Row L/R: Terry Handloff, Sara Mandy, Babs Waranch, and ??
1958 Girls Bunk
1958: Back Row L/R  Don’t Know   Middle Row L/R Uncle Bill, Brenda Brown, Marcia Silverstein, Joanne Fishman,  Birdie Dwartz, Fiona Holtzman, Honey Sue Gerber, Bidgy Goodritz, Lois Grossman, Uncle Lenny  Front Row L/R  Leslie Lindenbaum, Izzy Kramen, Peep Hayman, and Janice Berman
Visiting Day-Arlene Fishman and Susan Kipnis and their moms
Visiting Day late 1950’s: Eleanor Fishman, Susan Kipnis, Dorothy Kipnis, and Arlene Fishman

We have plenty of room for more memories from the 1950s so if you have any photos from this era that you feel would add flavor to this collection please scan them as JPEG files and email them to  moedweck@comcast.net.


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