Kodak Moments 1960s

In the dawn of this new era, the technology of capturing memories on film advanced to Instamatic 104’s with Flash Cubes and just about everyone, including your grandmother, become a cub photographer.  As black and white evolved to color things became all that more vibrant to remember.

For all campers the smiles began at the bus pick up points for the beginning of a new camp season.  This entailed renewing relationships with kids you had not seen in ten months,  loading your valuable stuff on the buses, and reminding your mother not to change anything in your room while you were away.

1966: Jeff and Charley Cooper captured striking the leaving pose

At camp routine activities were part of the fabric of our weeks.  Friday Services, afternoon free play,  arts and crafts, camp fires, and rest period after lunch all part of the regular routine.

1960 Koslow and Matt Redman
Sophomore Division Leader Irv Koslow with Matt Redman
1960 Bobby Rubin and Bob Frankel
1960: Hanging out beside Bunk 10-Bobby Rubin and Bob Frankel
1960 Goldman Frankel Quartner Rubin Goodman
1960: Back Row (L/R) Lee Goldman, Bob Frankel, Jeff Quartner  Front Row (L/R) Bobby Rubin and Randy Goodman
1960 Levenson Q Redman.
1960: Bruce Levenson, ? Nachman, and Matt Redman
1962: Part of the weekly routine….going to Friday Night Services in official whites….Laurie Berman, Lauri Goodman, Toby Novak, and Rebecca Copeland.
1961: Tether Ball was one of those ever present filler activities during free play.
1961: Who does not remember the hikes to the General Store at Hickory Hill?
1962: Arts and Crafts in Girl’s lodge making who knows what…Lauri Goodman, Barbara Schecter, Lois Cooper, Laurie Berman, Rebecca Copeland, Janet Teplin, and Nina Grossbart.
1963: In keeping with the Saginaw theme Laurie Berman and Lauri Goodman Indian arm wrestling with Toby Novak as peace keeping observer.
1961: Bunk 8 sing along includes Rick Schindell, Jeff Cooper on guitar, and Counselor Dickie Globeman on ukulele.
1962: Bunk 11 rest period was anything but…Counselor Bobby Tessler snooping on Jackie Wilen. Also hanging out is Rick Schindell, Counselor Jeff Mann, Gary Meltzer, Rick Schaeffer, and Jeff Cooper.
1963: Hill counselors Howie Hirschbaum and Bruce Zelkowitz in their civies..

Sports were a daily given, instructional swim in the morning, free swim in the afternoon, and leagues…leagues…and more leagues.

1962: Diving pool upgrade….same acrobatic purpose fulfilled…
1962: Strutting back from Sophomore swim..Counselor Barry Greene, Jackie Wilen, Rick Schaeffer, Jeff Cooper, and Gary Meltzer.
1963: Owner Mike Heiman observes free form volleyball at free swim.
1961: Matt At The Bat-Matt Redman in an Inter softball game on a finely manicured diamond…Stan Levin catching and Bruce Kipnis calling balls and strikes…
1963: Baseball simulation…Denny Berman puts the tag on Buddy Rappaport as Steve Greenblatt makes the call.
1963:  Now the real thing…Inter Softball…safe at the plate.

Below you can relive the compelling 1964 season of the California Angels in the Sophomore Softball league.

The Angels started out a house afire on July 3rd with an 8 to 6 over the Detroit Tigers behind a 3 for 3 day of Brian Redman and a timely homer by Mike Holtzman in the second inning.  They continuined to dominate on July 6th with a 9 to 1 shutdown of the Angels behind the pitching of Redman and who again lead the way with a 5 for 6 hitting performance.

By August 4th a trade had transpired and the Angels had moved Mike Holtzman before the trade deadline to the Tigers for Salus and future considerations.  Apparently a well thought out move since the result was the same with the Angels prevailing 12 to 10 in a slugfest with the Angels scoring 6 times in the top of the seventh to secure the win.

The August 14th game against the Colt 45’s must have decided the season championship  for the Angels in a 6 to 5 nail biter.  The Angels once again came from behind with 1 run in the sixth and 2 in the seventh to seal the deal.

Compelling stuff!!!!!


(Click to review the game details in this Softball Score Book from 1964)

For the Inters and Seniors there were even away games.  We would travel to a place like Camp Akiba for a day of inter camp sports competition….usually softball or basketball.  Camp Akiba had a similar rustic feel to our Garden Spot but we got to enjoy some different amenities like a gigantic lake with a water slide.

1961 Akiba Bobby Rubin
1961: Bobby Rubin at Camp Akiba’s endless lake…swimming, boating, and …..
1961 Akiba Water Slide
their version of a water slide……….

In the end it came down to playing ball for the home flag.  In dress Saginaw Blue and Whites you can see these guys were all about putting on the game face and grinding to another Saginaw victory.

1961 Akiba Lefty with Jeff Quartner
1961: A southpaw…probably the first baseman…with Jeff Quartner before the game
1961 Akiba Randy Goodman
Randy Goodman swinging the big lumber….note the split grip for control…
1961 Akiba Bob Frankel
Bob Frankel eyeing the pitch…… going with the more conventional method…

The canoe dock at the Big Elk was a regular stop each week.  You did not want to go left off the dock for fear of going over the water fall (which had a protective ledge and was about 4 feet high).  The course was upstream to the right…up the elk..around the bend…and then the easy paddle downstream back to dry dock.

1960’s: Mary Eig powering and Sheri Lipstein steering on the Big Elk.
1963: Matt Redman and Mike “Fats” Goldstein stirring white water on the Elk.
1965: Jeff Cooper stages his entry at the canoe dock in official camp issue shorts!

There was always exposition activities on visiting day to make sure your parents thought they were getting their money’s worth.  For us it meant trunk loads of junk food, hoagies, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and maybe salami to hang from the rafters.

1966: Visiting day…..Suanne Riskin just showin’ off!
1965: Matt Redman and Bobby Rubin at the camp office checking something…
1963: Visiting Day in the Garden Spot of Pennsylvania…Lippy and Vivien Redman on siesta….probably a typical 94-94 day….degrees and humidity

Mixing with the other camp involved attending Brother and Sister, movie nights, socials, and some “special activities” like Goofy Day or Sadie Hawkins Day.

1966 Sadie Hawkins Day:  Lisa Helrich, Jeff Cooper, Rickey Elion, Sheri Lipstein, Janet Abrams, Brian Redman, and others look on with interest.
1961 Girls Aides CITs
CIT and Aides of 1961: Back Row L/R Cookie Berg, Sandy Rose, Cookie Fisher, Suzanne Watts, and Dottie Rubin  Front Row L/R Judy Thomas, Francine Elion, Barbara Perlin, Susan Kipnis, Joan Bachrach, and Jackie Abelman
Aides 1962
CITs and Aides of 1962 in rhythm:  Back Row L/R  Jackie Abelman, Judy Thomas, Francyn Elion, Barbara Perlin  Front Row L/R Edyie Kotzin, Diane Goldman,  Janie Cohn, Roz Siegel, Leslie Roth, and Joan Kramer
1966: The canoe crew beam up a few years later ….Sheri Lipstein and Mary Eig.
1966: Sheri fraternizing on central campus with Steve Greenblatt
1968: Lynn Gendason and Richard Sisisky at the Saginaw Invitational

Saginaw was mostly about hanging out with friends and building relationships that would last a lifetime.

1968 Splash time in the big pool…..Lynn Herson and Lynn Gendason
1968: Friends chillin under a pine tree…Maxine Hofberg, Lynn Herson, Steffi Baer, Jo Ann Lippman, and Darlene Resnick
1968 Bunk J Girls comfee with furry friends:  Steffi Baer’s arm, Karen Helrich, Jo Ann Lippman, Karyn Lorber, Maxine Hofberg, Darlene Resnick, Diane Kotz, Susan Karsh.
1968 Dressed for show: Back Row-Maxine Hofberg, Steffi Baer, Diane Kotz, Lynn Herson, Karen Helrich, Susan Karsh  Front Row-Jo Ann Lippman, Karen Lorber, Lynn Gendason, and Darlene Resnick.
All Around Camper Girls
Senior Girls All Around Campers from 1963 to 1968….you know many of them….
1964 or 65: Friends in arms…Lenny Wisotsky, David Lipstein, Mike Katz, and Phil Wisotsky.
1965 Hill Court:Top Row-Steve Kleinman, ????, Hank “Zeus II” Aberman  Middle Row-Jay “Rock” Schlossberg, Bobby Rubin, Dennis Herman, Mark Sisisky  Front Row- Eric Friedman, He’s #1, Gary Berman
1965: Steve Kleinman goading the bear…did not take the bait…Steve survives..
1965: Dennis Herman and Mark Sisisky working on their signs…..
Hill 6 1965
Hill 6 1966:  Top Row (L/R)  Carl Silverman, Jay “Rock” Schlossberg, Herbie Cohen,  Matt Redman,  Butch Thomas  Front Row (L/R)  Eric Friedman, Sonny Brandow,  Jeff Quartner, Bruce Rosen,  Bob Frankel, Dennis Herman, Bobby Rubin
1965 HIll 6: Eric Friedman and Bruce Rosen monitoring the drying process…
1965 Hill 6: The Bobby’s Rubin and Frankel…cleaned up…well dressed…Old Spice…..must be a social in the works…
All Around Camper Boys
All Around Campers on the HIll from 1959 to 1968…

It included learning from folks like these who were our mentors and became close friends over the years as our perceived age differences narrowed.

Enus and Friends
Mid 1960s Talkin’ Trash:  Enus, Blazer, and Big Stan
1968: Bunk J….Marian Forman was the bunk favorite.
1967 Casual Fashion:  Jack Weiss, Dave Blitz, Dave Levine, Andy Stone, and Big Stan Wexler
1967 Fearless Leader: Zeus II Hank Aberman preparing the bomb shelter?
1969: Tug-Of-War includes Big Stan, Zeus IV Jack Weiss, David Lipstein, Phil Wisotsky, Sandy LIpstein, and Mike “Fats” Goldstein.

We can make room for more memories from the 1960s so if you have any photos from this era that you feel would add some juice to this collection please scan them as JPEG files and email them to  moedweck@comcast.net.


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