Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2011

The three-year cycle for an on-campus Saginaw Alumni Reunion was renewed on September 23, 2011 under the capable direction of Brian Greene and a few valued co-conspirators.  It would be a no holds barred three-day celebration of all the generations of Saginaw Alumni with all the fixins.

Unfortunately, as the hourly forecast below would indicate, it started that Friday afternoon under cloud cover and misty skies.

The forecast on 9/23/2011 was for precipitation but that was not going to deter the returning Alums.

Not to be deterred, Brian and his guys soldiered on.  It poured that night and into the morning hours and Brian’s lament was that they had spent months planning activities for Saturday but, with the persistent rain not going away, it took only 45 minutes for the leaders to come up with alternative plans.  Then mercifully the sun came out for the rest of the weekend and they rapidly turned back to Plan A.

“So what did we learn?  You can spend all year planning something that really only takes 45 minutes to figure out.”  That is the Saginaw Spirit!

It was all about improvisation…Chief Organizer Brian Greene and Mike Petkov escort the guests in a dry open cart from Upper Field down to the festivities.
More patrons awaiting transport from Goofy Lot 4A…Andrew Senker and Ira Deming
Welcome for the 2011 Reunion Master of Ceremonies Brian Greene
Ira Deming, veteran reunion organizer, in the bad cop role of inciting the masses…that really did not need that much prompting.


Brian mentoring Andrew Senker for the same role in the 2014 Reunion.
Which included Andrew being tapped as Secretary of Communication in 2011.
The Ritz welcomed the returning Acropolis Alumni….the stylish summer home of the Aides.
Jodi Polsky Cohen and Jennifer Bryen Pleasant needed no directions.
Things looking up as the weather began to improve…Patty Carver, Amy Carver, Ellen Mager, Mike Silverstein, Sloane Fish, Ben Senker, and Jon Fish.

The common theme of this reunion, like others before it, was celebration.  Celebration without sufficient adult beverages on hand is a cardinal sin and, as you can see, the organizers made sure that would not be the case.

Ira Deming attentively tended his fully stocked bar in Hill 1.
No shortage of patrons on hand:  Included Jennifer Bryen Pleasant, Megan Grosky McGowan, Mark Klempner, Cami Fruchter Berg, Melanie Feinstein Erler, Rob Kaplan, Sandy Zalles Epstein
Jason Bellin’s two-fisted support of the cause.
Sloane Fish, Andrew Senker, and Anne Owen make a late evening toast.
All smiles from Megan Grosky McGowan and Jennifer Bryen Pleasant.
Hill Court Night Activity: Brian Greene, Jamie Green, Jen Sorkin, Mike Silverstein, and Brent Gary

The late night partying apparently took it’s toll leading to some unfortunate misunderstandings between camp equipment and fencing.  In the subsequent inquiries names were changed to protect the innocent.


The sketchy weather did not deter the faithful from the daytime field activities.  A little sawdust and the big softball game would go on as planned.

Ira Deming carefully watches Ken Einhorn, head of boys camp during the 1990’s and 2000’s, fine tune his delivery.

For the Color War Medley Relay a number of the events where taken from the Goofy Day playbook including the 360-Degree Spin Around A Bat And Then Run The Bases Relay.

Andrew Senker incurred debilitating vertigo to the shock of paying bystanders.

And the always challenging Eat A Donut And Whistle Relay which often leaves the contestants with serious dry mouth or worse.

Allie Lessin and Jessica Hersh anchor the final stage with Julie Nemeroff wondering if the Heimlich Maneuver will be called for.

A Medley Relay is not a Medley Relay without the rope burn.  The day’s moist conditions presented an extra challenge in this regard.

What would a Medley Relay be without Ned Korman attending the rope burn…desperate conditions call for desperate measures…like a flare!
The Blue Team got it done under the proven leadership of Jessie Barash, Ben Rosen (Zeux XXIII),  and Ross Bergman (Zeus XXII)

More pleasantries in the Mess Hall that evening where the refreshment flowed and it was smiles and hugs all around.

Circle of Friends: Megan Grosky McGowan, Jodi Polsky Cohen, Mitch Silverstein, Tamara Gross, Jennifer Bryen Pleasant, Melanie Feinstein Erler, and Sandy Zalles Epstein.
Saying cheese…..Marcee Senker, Sloane Fish, Alli Barash, and Anne Owen.
Some male bonding between Matt Weber, Jake Weber, and Brian Levenson.
Just Fishin’:  Jon Fish and Mike Fisher…interestingly enough both known as ‘Doc Fish’.
More cocktail smiles between Sloane Fish, Alli Barash, and Mitch Guber.
Barash Saginaw Lineage: Karen Edelson Barash and daughters Alli and Jessie.


Zeuses in attendance include Mitch Guber (XXVI), Ben Rosen (XXIII), Mike Silverstein (XIV), Brian Greene (XIII), Nicky Fisher (XI) (holding Connie Chalick’s jersey), Fred Hecker (X), Mark Goldstone (VIII), and Hank Aberman (II)

Once again the Saginaw Alumni Reunion was a roaring success.  Based on available exit interviews it lived up to it’s fanfare and stands proudly with the folkloric reunions that preceded it.

The planning was already in the works for the 2014 Reunion. Hope was that by the time that rolled around both the camp and the crowd may have dried out sufficiently to do it all over again.

September 23, 2011




One thought on “Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2011

  1. I hope that you are planning to attend our 2017 reunion this September. Every 3 years since 2002 we have returned to “the garden spot of pennsylvania” to reunite with out friends, laugh, play, drink and relive the memories of our youth. We are already anticipating a huge crowd spanning 7 decades of campers and staff. Please save the dates and of course feel free to contact me with any questions…


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