Alumni Reunion Less Than a Month Away!!



1950s to 1960s- Hank and Kathy Aberman, Sandy Lipstein

1960’s to 1970’s-Brian Redman, Moe Dweck, David Lipstein, Bobbi Newman, Juli Gaskill, Bart Gaskill

1970’s to 1980’s-Ira Deming, Alan Harris, Helaine Leibowitz, Ellen Mager, Curt Heffler, Karen Heffler,

1980’s to 1990’s-Andrew Senker, Marcee Senker, Samantha Emkes, Jamie Swanson, Leslie Miller Greenspan, Benjamin Senker, Michael Silverstein, Regina Kerr Alonzo, Nicholas Fisher, Brian Fishman, Amy Palmer

1990’s to 2000’s-Jamie Silvers, Stacy Isenberg, Ross Bergman

2000’s to 2016-Brian Deming, Ross Finkel, Adam Jaskol, Jacob O’brien, Sami Leibowitz, Dani Leibowitz, David Kaplan, Stuart Kushner, Marissa Ravin, Justin Robinson, Joshua Mummert, Max Gold, Josh Charmatz, Jason Berger, Brittany Linn, Abby Fishman, Jesse Marks, Jes Faimon, Jordyne Goodman, Sydney Gelber, Hannah Rubin, Matt Bernstein, Alex Simanglatt, Mitchel Gruber, Benjamin Berman


Sign Up Today:
September 15th through September 17, 2017

Camp Saginaw Triennial Reunion

Herb Cohen Mem Fund Logo

Do you still find yourself daydreaming about camp and wishing for the chance to go back and do it all over again?

If so, you can once again be woken up to the sounds of reveille, sing at the top of your lungs in the Dining Hall, watch with your stomach in knots to see who will win the softball game, sleep in each other’s beds, share everything you own, sit outside watching the stars, and then cry when it’s time to go home.

Click to sign up on line for the 2017 Saginaw Reunion Bash in September

The Reunion Committee, along with the Herb Cohen Memorial Fund and Camp Saginaw, have been busy planning another legendary reunion for this upcoming fall.  The Reunion is open to Camp Saginaw Alumni ages 21 and older.

If you prefer, here is a downloadable PDF of the Saginaw Reunion Bash Enrollment Form for you to use

But before you start packing your trunks and duffle bags we need your help.

First, call all your Saginaw friends.  Start posting on Social Media.  Let’s generate a buzz  about the reunion.  The more old friends we have coming, the more amazing our experience will be.

Second, please email or call to volunteer and help on one of the Reunion Committees.  All committees have spots available and we promise if you volunteer to help you will not be disappointed.

For more information or to volunteer on a Reunion Committee please email Andrew Senker at  or call (443) 794-6966.

We look forward to seeing you there in September!


One thought on “Alumni Reunion Less Than a Month Away!!

  1. I hope that you are planning to attend our 2017 reunion this September. Every 3 years since 2002 we have returned to “the garden spot of pennsylvania” to reunite with out friends, laugh, play, drink and relive the memories of our youth. We are already anticipating a huge crowd spanning 7 decades of campers and staff. Please save the dates and of course feel free to contact me with any questions…


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