Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2014

The alums of Saginaw returned to the home turf as they do every three years in September of 2014 to catch up on things and share secrets on arresting the aging process.  Spending times with friends talking about youthful summer days together has a way of turning back the pages of time.

This year’s three-day extravaganza was expertly organized and run by Andrew Senker and Ira Deming and it included plenty of eating, drinking, and singing old camp songs, maybe the best elixir of all.   There were some outdoor activities as well and the weather was much more conciliatory than three years ago.

No need for that on this day!
These are people with memory issues visiting who need some direction.

There was your typical pre-reunion prep for the activities like campfires.  Melanie Feinstein Erler posed a good question on social media when she saw the photo below.

“How much wood can a Hillman chuck if a Hillman could chuck wood?”

Andrew Hilsberg and Dave Green doing their Paul Bunyan imitation.

This one brought out the old guard as well as the new.  These shots are a who’s who of the 1950’s faithful with a more than a smattering of 60’s and 70’s thrown in for good measure.

Patriarchs in attendance:  Joel Goozh, Ned Korman, Jim Korman, Dave Lipstein, Eli Silverstein, Maddie Levine Zimmerman, Hank Aberman, Mickey Rothstein, Kathy Aberman, and Sandy Lipstein….chairs provided out of respect.
Brother and Sister…Sheri Lipstein Lindner and Sandy Lipstein…it bothers me that Sandy still fits into his shirt from 1967.
1960’s Pick-Up Game: Alan Wolman, Cary Reines, Arthur Dubin, Gary Faigen, Jack Wilen, and Brian Redman
Redux of above with Jeff Cooper and David Lipstein among others…Big Coop can still wear his 1960’s Hill jersey too!
2014-ish:  Early recon for an upcoming reunion-Jeff Edelson, Ira Deming, Rob Grossbart, and Brad Barash playing a staff-alumni basketball game at camp.
Already sleep deprived?  Brad Heffler and Ira Deming
Ira Deming and Sue Riskin Schuman set a spell in the Hill Pagoda.
Acropolis sisters together again…Stacy Shinberg Benjamin and Dorri Brooke.
Lunch Break:  Ned Korman, David Lipstein, Marc Rosen, Rick Gardner, Art Dubin, Gary Faigen, and Robbie Gettinger.
Clean platers….Karen Elfman Banner and Suzi Burka Walsh.
Losing focus on the Dell Vomit Machine:  Suzi Burka Walsh, Karen Edelson Barash, and Sue Riskin Schuman
Sandy Zales Epstein, Mindy Cohan, Cami Frutcher Berg, and Tamara Green..a circle of friends reunited.
Besides The Ritz: Debbie Friedburg, Ellen Mager, and others.

If you cull the Facebook postings of the Camp Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2014 you will get strong reviews of the weekend happenings.

A great time was had by all… always seems like the last reunion is the best reunion…..this is how nostalgia and aging memories conspire.

Look out for the next on-campus Camp Saginaw Alumni Reunion which will take place September 15th thru 17th 2017.

September 19, 2014


One thought on “Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2014

  1. I hope that you are planning to attend our 2017 reunion this September. Every 3 years since 2002 we have returned to “the garden spot of pennsylvania” to reunite with out friends, laugh, play, drink and relive the memories of our youth. We are already anticipating a huge crowd spanning 7 decades of campers and staff. Please save the dates and of course feel free to contact me with any questions…


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