Kodak Moments 1970s

The 1970s was a period of transition at Saginaw as the moors of the society at large were being challenged by the youth across America.  Many believed we had stepped into “The Age of Aquarius” and there was no stopping the introduction of long hair, torn jeans, and recreational substances that would influence the camp experience during this decade of change.

It was also a time where instant gratification became the expectation so the arrival of the Polaroid made capturing and enjoying the images of the time as simple as point, shoot, and listen to the whir as the photos were magically developed in your hand.

Danny Pevner, Shirley Chalick, and Herbie Cohen had to be wondering what was going on as the 1970’s abruptly arrived.
1972 established the laid back era:  Ellen Rashbaum, Sandi Rosin, Steffi Baer, Lynn Gendason,  Cookie Rosenthal,  Berne Bronk, Myra Holt, and Bobbi Newman
1971: Steffi Baer, Darlene Resnick, and Maxine Hofberg yukking it up.
1972: Paul Sherr sporting the period look…flowing locks and a fu manchu.
1972: Arthur Dubin, Lynn Gendason, Arnie Golden, and Steffi Baer
Sign of the times…what was Alan Harris doing reclining in this bunk?
1972: Steffi Baer and Cookie Rosenthal doing the departure dance on upper field.
1972…bidding a last farewell…Steve Greene, Herbie Cohen, Arnie Golden, and Mickey Rothstein
It was all about long hair and pre-washed denim…Arthur Dubin, Herbie Cohen, Arnie Golden, Cary Reines, Marc Rosen, and Bruce Rosen.
1973 even David Lipstein and Jack Weiss (Zeus IV) let their hair down.
Murry and Bruce
1974-ish: Bruce Rosen and Murray Rosenzweig in the off season sporting period clothing and Hill-IJ Game Beards.
Saginaw Division Leaders Mid 70s
1975 or 76: Boys Division Leaders- (L/R) Richard ???, Murray Rosensweig, Herbie Cohen, Shirley Chalick, Jack Copeland, and Bruce Fried
70’s Swim Fling: Jody Reines, Marcia Gerber, Cindy Rosenzweig, Myra Holt, Leslie Siegal, and Suzanne Paul
1973: Karen Siegal, Suzi Burka, and Karen Altman
1974: Marla Siegal, Carol Wolf, Karen Perry, and Lisa Goss.

With the times, traditions at Saginaw changed….for the first time in 1974 there was an Aides Trip to NYC.  With the help of producer Kenny Waissman, who went to Saginaw back in the 1960’s, they were able to land orchestra seats to a performance of Grease on Broadway.

This was great preparation since Grease was also the Big Show in 1974 and many of these ladies had parts in the Saginaw production.  Kenny even came to the the show at Saginaw and gave all the lead players flowers in recognition of their fine work.

1974 Aides Trip:  Standing: Karen Perry, Debra Funkhouser, Myra Holt, Randy Altman, Linda Cohen, Beth Resnick, Marilyn Goldman, Michelle Miller, Lisa Finkelstein, and Debra Forman. Kneeling: MIndy Lundy, Sue Penn, Debbie Glaser, and Janice Astor.

Whether it was Goofy Day and it’s pantomime cheers, the Girls Leagues with their theme team names and original fight songs, or original Bunko improvisations, with social activities like these creativity got a chance to breath.

1976: The girls always embraced Goofy Day with great enthusiasm
Would never happen today..this 1976 league team was The Martinis!
1976 rainy day Bunko skit with Jody Reines and Debra Forman…things were so bright she had to wear shades!
1977: Not exactly sure what Randy Garfield is cheering for but looks awfully good in the pleats and the straw hat!

As was the custom at Saginaw lots of time was just spent hanging with friends and building relationships that could last a lifetime.

1977: Sharon Epstein, Harry Altman and Randy Garfield.
1977: Working on their cool..Michael Axelrod, Jeff Edelson, and Donald Rappaport.
1976 working on the tan during rest period…Cherri Lipton, Marla Glickfield, Jilly Kuritsky, and Debbie Ziegler.
1976: Jody Reines and Sharon Epstein in a tango?
1976: Elise Elfman and Robin Feld
1976: Nancy Ross and Carol Epstein after softball…long socks were in!
1976: Ellen Major, Nina Holt, Lauren Rosenfeld, Amy Abrams, and Debbie Frizel


Please let us know if you have more pictures from the 1970’s. 

We can make room for more memories from this era, so if you have any photos to share please scan them as JPEG files and email them to  moedweck@comcast.net.


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