Brother and Sister

All of us know Camp Saginaw was a family affair.  Parents emptied their households each summer to take those long awaited vacations or just to spend adult time with each other. For many of those parents they were sending us to a place they knew well from their youth.  The multi-generational connections at Saginaw run deep.

Often at camp we had older siblings who had reputations we had to deal with or younger siblings who had behavioral issues we had to intercede on or just cousins or almost relatives who were sharing our camp experience.  There were many staff members, like Administrators Connie and Shirley Chalick pictured at the top of this posting with Michael and Beth, who had family as campers during their time of service at Saginaw.

To facilitate family member interaction Saginaw provided Brother and Sister meetings every Wednesday and Sunday between girls and boys dinners on the grassy lawn of the Dell behind the Mess Hall.  It was an opportunity to get together with your siblings, stoke sibling rivalry or just talk about personal stuff that belong only to brothers and sisters.

Sharon Ned and Jim Korman Brother and Sister
1950’s: Sharon, Ned, and Jimmy Korman accumulated over 30 years of Saginaw experiences between them from the 1950’s to 1970’s
Janet Bonnie and Peep Hayman
1950’s: Janet, Bonnie, and Peep Hayman
Bruce and Susan Kipnis 1961
1961: Inter Counselor Bruce Kipnis with former Miss Saginaw Susan Kipnis
1963 Matt and Brian Redman
1963: Matt and Brian Redman….whose Dad Lippy was the first head of the senior boys in 1938
1964: Freddi, Sandy, Sheri, and Robbie Lipstein…their dad Eugene was there in 1933
Robin, Michael, and Joanne Gittleson
Mid 1960’s: Robin, Michael, and Joanne Gittleson
Karen, Lauren, and Robert Kotloff
Mid 1960’s: Karen, Laurie, and Robert Kotloff-father Leon was a camper and counselor way back when…..
Debbie, Dean, and Diane Sherr
Mid 1960’s: The three D’s-Debbie, Dean, and Diane Scherr

Then there was the second reason to get to Brother and Sister which was to take up with your current “summer interest” from the other side of camp.  Often under the guise of visiting your sibling a little romantic socializing might have been going down on the side.

Cary and Jody Reines Brother and Sister
Late 1960’s: Cary and Jody Reines….years later Cary ended up marrying Ellen Rashbaum who was Jody’s Bunk 12 counselor in 1971….just sayin’….
Sherri and Harold Berger
1969: Harold and Sherri Berger…..soooooo sweet!
Terry, Steve, and Nancy Buckhantz
Mid 1960’s: Nancy, Steve, and Terri Buckhantz…their father was a Saginaw Alum as well back in the day.

If you have any more photos of siblings at Saginaw we would love to include them.  Please email them to and we will add them to this posting.


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