Check Out The New Stuff!!

See what we have cooked up as we continue harvest new photos and memorabilia from Alums to help our existing postings grow and prosper since June 1, 2017.  Sample images of the new content are shown,  but make sure to click on the link below each image to check out  how this and other new stuff have enhanced the postings with new nostalgic splendor!

1930s Tents Before Bunks

Awesome pictures and documents from the 1930’s and 40’s….Saginaw in it’s infancy….you won’t believe your eyes.

1949 Saginaw Yearbook 1949 Title Page Photo

Check out the 1949 Saginaw Yearbook….a time frozen marketing piece that impressed parents of potential new campers.

1951 Horse Walk

Horseback riding has a long tradition at Saginaw.  We added a few photos and Horse Show Programs from the 1940’s and 1950’s to our “Best In Show” posting.

1954 Saginaw News Golf

Photos like Golf on Upper Field could be found in the “Saginaw News” that landed in your mail box in the Fall and Spring to keep the camp juices flowing.

1951 Sophomore Tennis Instruction

1951 Sophomore Basketball

1952 Inter Overnight Hike

As you can see we have great new shots of Junior Camp activities from the early 1950s.

1957 Hillmen Group Shot

1957 Guy and Girl TBD

1950s Kennett Kandy Kitchen Menu Cover

And we added more photos of your Senior Camp friends and activities that made the 1950’s a memorable time at Saginaw.

1955 Joe Gimbel Determination Award

Herbie’s recognition of “Effort and Determination” memorialized in a Tournament Award Certificate.

1959 Courting on the bench

Another update on our Saginaw Matrimonial Posting…Eddie Abrams and Deanna Rosen

1961 2nd Hill Party Invite

Updated memorabilia on these folkloric parties in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

1964 Hill-IJ Harvey Forman Joe Gimbel

More actions shot from the Hill-IJ Games of the 1960’s.

1957 Red Calypso Camp Capts Birdie Dwartz Peep Hayman

New Color War Memorabilia…including Songs Sheets and Rosters from as far back as 1954 when the teams were just “Red” and “Blue”.  We added the 1955 Boys Varsity Baseball and Basketball Rosters in the captains own handwriting.  There is also the 1972 Captains Medley Relay Line Up Strategy Sheet done with quill and Indian Ink.

1956 King and I Steve Sugar and Peep Hayman

We continue to collect photos and cast names from these memorable grand productions at camp.

Sherri and Harold Berger

More family moments of the brothers and sisters who shared times at Saginaw.

Girls Singing In The Mess Hall

We have cobbled together a collections of “Most Memorable Camp Songs” including Hill and Acropolis Songs, Color War Songs, Campfire Songs, and Skit Songs like “Nero Shapiro My Hero” and “Bedrock”.


Herbie and Brian Zweig 1993

Another generational photo of Herbie with Brian Zweig from 1993 added to “The Essence of Herbie”.

If you have any photos or memorabilia you want to share with us please scan and email them to and we will find a comfortable home for them in this alumni website.


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