Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-Version II

For the second time Hank “Zeus II” Aberman organized a casual Saturday afternoon get together for Saginaw Alums at the Waterfront Marriott in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.  About 20 Supes from the 1950’s through 1970’s got together with old friends for lunch and reminiscence and a whole bunch of needling.

Supes Group Shot
The full cast: Front Row (L/R) Jerry Blumenthal, Moe Dweck, Maddy (Lavine) Zimmerman, Joe Gimbel, Peep (Hayman) Cohen, Hank Aberman  Middle Row (L/R) Jack Wilen, Eli Silverstein, Mike “Fats” Goldstein, Carl “Sliv” Silverman, Mickey Rothstein, Jim Korman, Joel Levin, Joel Goozh, Ken Waissman  On the Wall  Sharon (Korman) Weiss, Kathy Aberman

The morning began with lots of back slapping and finger pointing at images and memorabilia from scrap books, albums,  and manila folders full of photos of past accomplishments as well as embarrassing hairdos and outfits.

Joel Goozh Joel Levin Jim Korman Joe Gimbel
Birthday Boy Jim Korman sharing a tale with the Three J’s-Joel Goozh, Joel Levin, and Joe Gimbel
Jimmy Korman and Joel Goozh
Joel Goozh and Jim Korman….did we really look that young

Much like last year, Jim Korman and Joel Levin were at their best, pointing out errors and omissions in everyone stories and getting the record straight.  Mickey Rothstein, who has as much history as anyone from the developmental era of 50’s and 60’s, was joy to see and listen to recounting how The Hill concept evolved.  Ken Waissman, a bit of an icon himself, shed some light on the theatrics of camp life both on and off the stage.  Peep Cohen and Maddie Zimmerman brought a cache of stuff that engaged everyone in the who’s who conversation of the good old days.

Joel Goozh Kathy Aberman Eli Silverstein
Joel Goozh, Kathy Aberman, and Eli Silverstein relaxing…there were plenty of hugs to go around….check out the passing colorful Indian Wedding Fashion
Peep Hayman Cohen and Joel Goozh
Peep (Hayman) Cohen shares recollections with fellow alums
1957 Red Calypso Camp Capts Birdie Dwartz Peep Hayman
Including this piece of the Red Calypso’s Color War Banner from 1956 when she and Birdie Dwartz were captains

Lunch was next with plenty of healthy salads, fish entrees, and a range fed burger on the menu to choose from.

Joel Goozh Maddie Lavine Zimm Kenny Waissman
Joel Goozh, Maddy (Lavine) Zimmerman, and Ken Waissman talking big shows and broadway no doubt or maybe dressing on the side
Moe and Sharon
Moe Dweck emphasizes to Sharon (Korman) Weiss that the burger comes with fries

Plenty of family talk as old friends were catching up over lunch about what they have been up to for the last 60 years.

Fats and Mickey
Mike Goldstein and Mickey Rothstein going over black and whites
Carl Silverman and Kathy Aberman
Carl “Sliv” Silverman and Kathy Aberman were all smiles

There was a sweet moment as Hank presented a plaque recognizing Moe’s efforts in organizing and presenting the Saginaw Super Senior Alumni website.

Hank and Moe Award
Bloggers in arms-Hank Aberman and Moe Dweck

As I said the table tops were full of nostalgic and surprising images like these to harvest and become part of this Saginaw Super Senior Alumni website.  Special thanks to Peep Cohen, Maddy Zimmerman, Joel Levin, and others who brought this stuff to entertain their Saginaw friends.

1930s Tents Before Bunks
Roughing it in the early 1930’s….the original tunks?
Visiting Day
Visiting Day in the 1940’s in the Dell…Mess Hall but very few trees…
Girls Lodge-Play
A bit of theater at Girl’s Lodge in the 1940’s
1950s David Lavine 4 yrs
David Lavine around 1950 as a 4-year old camper…he had his own counselor…
1957 Couples Grouping
1958 Couples At The Canteen- From L to R: Joel Gimbel and Babs Eisman, Barry Greene and Peep Hayman, David Katz and Janice Berman, Joel Goozh and Suzie Katz, and Eli Silverstein and Leslie Cooper

Hank has already announced that we will do it all over again next spring at the same place.  So mark your calendar for Saturday April 28, 2018 and plan to join us for another memory-fest at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.


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