3-on-3….Best Ever!

Twenty-One, Taps, and H.O.R.S.E. were all regular parts of the free-time recreation buffet on Hill Court.  But 3-on-3 was the lynch pin of all of those “pick-up” games and true bragging rights were at stake.

Big Al Harris pops a jumper in 1971
It was announced this week that they are adding 3-on-3 Basketball to the Olympics in 2020.  Which prompted old, nostalgic minds who edit this website to think, who were the best 3-on-3 counselor or camper tandems of their eras at Saginaw.

So here are a few candidates of the 3-on-3 Best Ever designation:

Counselor 3-on-3 Teams:

1957- Eddie Abrams-Marty Miller-Hank Aberman

1962- Hank Aberman-Larry Abrams-Butch Thomas

1965- Hank Aberman-Stan Wexler-Pete Vantine

1966- Stan Wexler-Mike Bratman-Sandy Lipstein

1968- Stan Wexler-Harvey Forman-Jack Weiss

1969- Jack Weiss-Stan Wexler-Jack Wilen

1970- Jack Weiss-Ethan Lock-Cary Reines


Camper 3-on-3 Teams:

1968- Cary Reines-Steve Greene-Brian Redman

1969- Brian Redman-Jamie Wilen-Paul Sherr

1971- Alan Harris-Marc Rosen-Robbie Lipstein


You are encouraged to proffer your own.  Just email your suggested trio and the year to:


Also, any comments or criticisms about of those listed above can be added through the “Reply” mechanism below.

Three of these guys from 1965

Pagoda Basketball Scoring
Hill Basketball MVPs 1968 to 2015…stir any memories for you?
Don’t miss this chance to relive some history and make your voice heard in this pressing debate.


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