A Pantheon of Zeuses

So you are wondering where this whole Zeus-Mount Olympus theme for the Senior Hill came from?  It was late in the 1957 season and the hill counselors convened in the pagoda to discuss the upcoming Hill-IJ Game.  Connie Chalick, the Senior Division Supervisor, was stressing the absolute importance of winning the game to our division.

He told us about a previous year when the Hill had lost and said, “It was like being at the North Pole.  If we don’t win this game, no one really knows we exist because we’re stuck up here on this hill.”

At which point a young Hank Aberman blurted out, “You got it all wrong Connie.  This is not just a hill, this is Mt. Olympus and you, Connie, are Zeus!”

The future of the Hill hung on Connie’s reply.  He uttered his patented giggle as his sense self esteem shot through the pagoda roof and he said, “I like it!.

With Connie crowned as Zeus I,  they spent the rest of the evening designating mythical titles to key men in attendance.  Big Larry Abrams, the meeting enforcer, was Thor.  Neal Abrams, the counselor head waiter who was entrusted with bringing food or spirits to the late meetings, was Bacchus.  Hank, for obvious physical reasons, was given Atlas and Herbie, because of his mischievous nature, was called Puck.

The deal was sealed the next morning when Connie whistled out the unit and someone said, “Zeus roars, let’s move out!”

The absolute authority of Zeus was established that night.  Connie and his successors were the undisputed leaders of the Hill men, final arbitrators for all Hill issues and responsible for the safekeeping and development of the Olympian traditions of The Hill.  The rest is ancient history.

Senior Supervisors Prior To The Zeus Era:

Lippy Redman-Irv Brody

Manny Frome-Herm Manishil

Hank Sherr-Herb Cohen

Nat Kauffman-Maish Davidson-Norm Rosen

Zeus 1 Plaque


Men Who Have Been Zeus:

Connie Chalick   Zeus I   1957-1960

Connie Chalick Zeus I: Took no jive!
Connie Chalick Zeus I: Took no jive!

Hank Aberman   Zeus II   1961-1967

Hank Aberman, Zeus I, wearing the all-powerful white landyard
Hank Aberman, Zeus II, wearing the all-powerful white landyard

Harvey Forman   Zeus III   1968

Harvey Forman Zeus III always a gamer
Harvey Forman Zeus III always a gamer

Jack Weiss   Zeus IV   1969-1973

Jack Weiss Zeus IV
Jack Weiss Zeus IV

Bruce Lipstein   Zeus V   1974

Murray Rosenzweig   Zeus VI   1975-1977

Larry Abrams   Zeus VII   1978

Marc Goldstone   Zeus VIII   1979

Mark Goldstone Zeus VIII
Mark Goldstone Zeus VIII

Larry Elfman   Zeus IX   1980-1981

Fred Hecker   Zeus X   1982-1983

Nick Fisher   Zeus XI   1984

Hal Brooks   Zeus XII   1985-1987

Brian Greene   Zeus XIII   1988-1990

Mike Silverstein   Zeus XIV   1991-1992

Jason Ribakow   Zeus XV   1993

Zeus 15-Ribakow
Jason Ribakow Zeus XV

Jaret Lyons   Zeus XVI   1994-1995

Marc Levitan   Zeus XVII   1996 & 1999

Scott Schwartz   Zeus XVIII   1997-1998

Greg King   Zeus XIX   2000 & 2002-2003

David Jacoby   Zeus XX   2001

Sean Brooks   Zeus XXI   2004

Ross Bergman   Zeus XXII   2005-2006

Ben Rosen   Zeus XXIII   2007

Ben Rosen Zeus XXIII....Hawk in full flight
Ben Rosen Zeus XXIII….Hill Hawk in full flight

Josh Brand   Zeus XXIV   2008

Brett Perrotta   Zeus XXV   2009

Mitch Guber   Zeus XXVI   2010-2011

2010 Brian Deming Mitch Guber
Mitch Guber Zeus XXVI

Brian Deming   Zeus XXVII   2012

Mitch Guber, Brian Deming, Jared Cooper, Scott Deming, and Juan Rivera-Zeuses 26 to 30

Jared Cooper   Zeus XXVIII   2013

Jared Cooper Zeus XXVIII
Jared Cooper Zeus XXVIII

Scott Deming   Zeus XXIX   2014

Scott Deming Zeus XXIX
Scott Deming Zeus XXIX

Juan Rivera   Zeus XXX   2015

Juan Rivera Zeus XXX

Max Gold Zeus XXXI 2016

Max Gold Zeus 31
Max Gold  Zeus XXXI