T-Shirt Memories

Many of us have an old Acropolis Dove, Hill Hawk,  or League T-shirt in the back of a drawer or a storage box somewhere that time and personal expansion preclude the possibility of wearing again, but we still hang on to it for the sweet camp memories that it evokes. Well Randi Burak, a Saginaw lifer from 1989 to 1999, came up with a better … Continue reading T-Shirt Memories

Saginaw Awards

There was a simple summer camp rule that the powers that be at Saginaw fully embraced from the very beginning. No camper goes home empty handed! To that end the Saginaw Awards Banquets at the end of the year were like a supermarket sweep for every camper.  They were all going home with an armful of awards, certificates, cards, plaques, ribbons, and medals that they … Continue reading Saginaw Awards

The Hill Hawk

In creating and developing the principles of The Hill over time the Hill Hawk has been as central as Mt. Olympus and Zeus.  The Hill Hawk has been coupled with ideas like spirit, loyalty, class, and sportsmanship in banners, uniforms, and songs to create a cohesive image in the minds of all those impressionable young men and relate to them the qualities important to being … Continue reading The Hill Hawk