The Saga Of Ducky’s Bat

This special memory is told by Hank Aberman,  the perpetrator himself, in his own words. Ducky Kauffman, a life-long friend of Herbie, came to camp in 1958 with his treasured bat that he had used for almost a decade in the Philly softball leagues. He let me use it in the legendary Hill/ IJ game of 1958. In the last inning, if you remember, I … Continue reading The Saga Of Ducky’s Bat

Herbie’s UCLA Press

Herbie Cohen was a lot of great things but as far as coaching went he was more of a cheerleader than a strategist.  This is another memorable Herbie story related by Hank Aberman. So it came as a big surprise when Herbie took a page from the great UCLA coach, John Wooden and introduced us to Wooden’s big man press at practice one day.  When … Continue reading Herbie’s UCLA Press

Nero Shapiro My Hero

No one has established the date of this performance but it was the last known stage showing of that classic Hill drama, “Nero Schapiro the Hero”. This is a show the Hill counselors love to perform and the audiences not so much love to watch it.  The heroes and heroines and often the seasoned actors are the same but you never really know what you … Continue reading Nero Shapiro My Hero

Hill-IJ Game Then and Now

The real passion of the Hill-IJ Game started from the legendary game of 1958 when the Hill was down six runs with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning with little hope at hand.  What happened next is the stuff of lore as the Hillmen scored seven runs in the final stanza to win leading to the cheshire grins of Hank Aberman, Ducky … Continue reading Hill-IJ Game Then and Now

The Beginning-1927 to the 1950’s

For most of us Saginaw was an oasis away from home each summer that had lighted basketball courts, sprawling baseball diamonds, a glistening swimming pool, and, of course, the airy atmosphere of The Dell for entertainment. But back in it’s more humble beginnings Hill Court shown above looked like something Naismith would recognize.  Sand surface and a wooden backboard on a telephone pole…only thing missing … Continue reading The Beginning-1927 to the 1950’s