Hill Parties

Under the category of “mischievous madness” the Hill counselors created an annual rite back in the mid-1960’s of having invitation-only Hill Parties.  This was a themed affair which required full dress-up for an evening of food and drink and some very unusual team games and competitions. In the inimitable words of Mickey Rothstein, the dean of Hill Parties, this is how they went down. ____________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading Hill Parties

Baltimore Bullets Come To Saginaw

During the summer of 1967 the campers and staff at Saginaw were entertained by a visit by Baltimore Bullets Leroy Ellis and Jack Marin.  Much in the tradition of previous special events like the visit of  Wilt Chamberlain in 1959 and the Harlem Wizards in 1971 this was a great chance to get up close and personal with sports stars of the day. Ellis and … Continue reading Baltimore Bullets Come To Saginaw

Inter All-Star Classic

In the early 1960’s a group of camp enthusiasts who had come up through the camper/waiter ranks took over leadership and took it upon themselves to reinvent the Inter Boys Division.  They infused a renewed sense of excitement by introducing a number of innovative events that really excited the kids and caught the attention of the rest of the camp. Barry Greene became the Inter … Continue reading Inter All-Star Classic

The Dave Clark Five-Blast From The Past

Back on July 17, 1966 the Saginaw Seniors made a memorable field trip to Camden Country Music Fair in Haddonfield, New Jersey to see, none other than, The Dave Clark Five. From the memory annals of Brian Redman comes: Anybody remember taking a camp trip to see The Dave Clark Five perform (gulp!) 50 years ago? I recall bits & pieces of the show, but … Continue reading The Dave Clark Five-Blast From The Past

Hershey: Eagles vs Redskins 1965

For the Senior Hill campers one of the highlights every summer were super cool field trips to sporting events of national prominence close to Saginaw.  These included Phillies games at the old Connie Mack Stadium and the new Vet in Philly, Orioles games at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, NFL football games and practices in Hershey, and an international Track and Field Meet at Franklin Field … Continue reading Hershey: Eagles vs Redskins 1965

Harlem Wizards Visit Saginaw

On August 6, 1971 the campers at Saginaw were treated to an awesome display of basketball wizardry by none other than the Harlem Wizards.  Originally started in 1962 by Howie Davis, this band of quality college and wannabee NBA players traveled the country entertaining crowds in a basketball lampooning tradition started by the more famous Globetrotters. (Click to read about the history of the Harlem … Continue reading Harlem Wizards Visit Saginaw

Hill Alumni Day

In July of 1966 the first Hill Alumni Day was held.  Part of the festivities was a songfest concert performed by the entire Hill, both campers and counselors, on the Dell stage.  Harvey Forman, a Zeus in training, is doing his best Robert Shaw imitation leading the choral presentation. You can see the smart British Foreign Legion look in the  berets the Hillmen are wearing … Continue reading Hill Alumni Day