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This is how you can contact the guys who are responsible for what you see on the Saginaw Supes site.  This is your opportunity to let us know the error of our ways-clarify a caption, point out a missing identity, correct a spelling of a name, or something even more egregious.  You can ask questions on how the site works or share any other thoughts on how to make this better. Please fill out this form with your name and email address and any message you want to relate to us.

If you have memorabilia you would like to contribute to the site please email us and we will be back in touch to explain how to get what you have to us.

Any thoughts you have about a particular posting we encourage you to use the “Reply” area at the bottom of the posting to add your Two Cents to the conversation.  Keep in mind those comments are publicly seen so proper discretion in the language and metaphors chosen would be appreciated.  These comments will be approved by the Saginaw Supes Editorial Council (Hank and Moe) before they are posted on the site.