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Alumni Reunion Less Than a Month Away!!

________________________________________________________________ THESE FRIENDS ARE ALREADY REGISTERED TO BE THERE: 1950s to 1960s- Hank and Kathy Aberman, Sandy Lipstein 1960’s to 1970’s-Brian Redman, Moe Dweck, David Lipstein, Bobbi Newman, Juli Gaskill, Bart Gaskill 1970’s to 1980’s-Ira Deming, Alan Harris, Helaine Leibowitz, Ellen Mager, Curt Heffler, Karen Heffler, 1980’s to 1990’s-Andrew Senker, Marcee Senker, Samantha Emkes, Jamie Swanson, Leslie Miller Greenspan, Benjamin Senker, Michael Silverstein, Regina Kerr … Continue reading Alumni Reunion Less Than a Month Away!!

Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2011

The three-year cycle for an on-campus Saginaw Alumni Reunion was renewed on September 23, 2011 under the capable direction of Brian Greene and a few valued co-conspirators.  It would be a no holds barred three-day celebration of all the generations of Saginaw Alumni with all the fixins. Unfortunately, as the hourly forecast below would indicate, it started that Friday afternoon under cloud cover and misty … Continue reading Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2011

Kodak Moments 1960s

In the dawn of this new era, the technology of capturing memories on film advanced to Instamatic 104’s with Flash Cubes and just about everyone, including your grandmother, become a cub photographer.  As black and white evolved to color things became all that more vibrant to remember. For all campers the smiles began at the bus pick up points for the beginning of a new … Continue reading Kodak Moments 1960s

Kodak Moments: 1950’s

From the earliest days capturing images of Saginaw life on film was a well established tradition.  Whether it was a studio photographer snapping group bunk pictures or an overzealous parent with a Brownie Hawkeye capturing his kid diving at the pool, a major post-season activity was filling photo albums commemorating the Saginaw experience. Here you will see, albiet in black and white since it was … Continue reading Kodak Moments: 1950’s

Pyramid Power

There were always many mystical forces at work at Saginaw and in collecting images of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s there seemed to be a synergy around human pyramids. They came in all shapes and sizes-campers, waiters, and counselors.  The common denominator seems to be that they all evoked similar facial expressions….a mix of looks replete with giggles and trepidation.         … Continue reading Pyramid Power

Hill Parties

Under the category of “mischievous madness” the Hill counselors created an annual rite back in the mid-1960’s of having invitation-only Hill Parties.  This was a themed affair which required full dress-up for an evening of food and drink and some very unusual team games and competitions. In the inimitable words of Mickey Rothstein, the dean of Hill Parties, this is how they went down. ____________________________________________________________________ … Continue reading Hill Parties