Saginaw Friends Remembered

The bonds run very deep at Camp Saginaw as evidenced by the fact that often our closest friends come from camp and perhaps family members as well have passed through its gates and created cherished legacies there.

It is in this spirit that we fondly remember so many of them, probably dressed in their official whites,  who are keeping an eye on us from high above Upper Field.

The memories we hold of those Saginaw friends and relatives who came and left before us sustain our spirit and provide direction to our lives.

At Saginaw 1930’s to 1940’s

Sylvan Abrams

Saniford Baer

Bob Buckhantz

Murray Edelson

Meyer and Rose Heiman

Bill and Adonna Kaplan

Eugene Lipstein

Lenny Lipstein

Sylvia Bliss Mandy

Lippy Redman

Jay Herbert Rose

Bill and Evelyn Savran

Lou Sherr


At Saginaw 1950’s

Neal Abrams

Debby Cohen Barsh

Elaine Began

Irv Brody

Connie Chalick

Herb Cohen

Penny Feinberg

Bob Fisher

Cookie Fisher

Neal Frankel

Joan Handloff

Ducky Kaufman

Naomi Cohen Katzenberg

Jerry Kotzin

Mayer Kutler

Harold Levinson

Joanie Levinson

Zena Monfred

Danny Pevner

Wayne Selnick

Joan Sirkin

Bert Sugar


At Saginaw 1960’s

Ruthie Ball

Naomi Haber

Barbara Holtzman

Anita Immerman

Bruce Lipstein

Jeff Liss

Brian Melnick

Karen Perry

Matt Redman

Billy Shapiro

Terry Sisisky

Kenny Spatz

Janet Teplin

Jack Weiss


At Saginaw 1970’s

David Center

Michael Chalick

Mort Fish

Dori Garfinkel

Art Grossman

Rena Holt

Howard Jackman

Mindy Leiberman

Murry Rosenzweig

Daryl Ruder

Steve Sachs

Gary Stern

Steven Stern

Richard Zommick


At Saginaw 1980’s

Debbie Fink


If you care to honor the memory of any camp friends through a donation to the Herb Cohen Memorial Fund you can do it through this link

If we have neglected to include anyone who should appear on this list please email their name and when they were at Saginaw to