The Great Escape

The most lingering iconic moment for all Hillmen is standing in the mess hall leading up to the Hill-IJ Game singing the Hill fight song to Elmer Bernstein’s tune of The Great Escape.  The movie itself was macho camaraderie at it’s finest and it’s score provided the perfect backdrop for group demonstration of Hill Spirit.  The reverberating acoustics of the mess hall just enhanced the poignancy of the moment.

The song was “discovered” by the greatest song writer in Hill history, Mickey Rothstein who played the record over the phone to Hank Aberman Zeus II and they knew they were on to something….the lyrics almost wrote themselves it was so perfect.

Feel free to hit the link to the original score and sing along… might want to close the door so you can belt out the lyrics with the proper enthusiasm.

(For those with memory issues click to see the original lyric’s)

Hillmen….we are the Hillman………Marching in victory forever…….