About Saginaw Supes

Saginaw Supes (a.k.a. Saginaw Super Seniors as in the Hill and Acropolis Alumni) is a shared repository of photos, documents, and other memorabilia that rekindle the fond memories we all have of summer days spent in the safe haven we called Camp Saginaw.  The place was hot and humid…the showers were cold….the food always a unique experience….the facilities marginally better than average…but the camaraderie was unparalleled and it fostered relationships that have lasted a lifetime.

Arch Hawk Detail

Indelibly in our minds remain images of the Hill Court, Dell, Saniford Hall, Russ Hall, Canteen, Pagodas, Upper Field, Lower Field, Mess Hall, and yes the Infirmary…. Color War, Songfests, League Games, Mr. and Miss Saginaw, Free Swim, Brother and Sister, Musical Productions, Visiting Day, and the Hill-IJ Game.  This site celebrates a trove of experiences with equal portion fact and willful suspension of disbelief, but then again it is our Saginaw reality.

We would be remiss if we did not that the founders and owners of Camp Saginaw Morris Edelson, Meyer and Rose Heiman, and Lou Sherr for bringing about this little piece of paradise in the Garden Spot of Pennsylvania for us to grow up in and spread our youthful wings.

We thank all of those who have reached out and  contributed their memorabilia and recollections of the good times at Saginaw to build what you can enjoy herein.

Always imitated…never duplicated….The Hawks and Doves (and their memories) will never die…..

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 Special thanks to those who have contributed content to this site:

Hank Aberman,  Karen (Edelson) Barash, Susan (Kramer) Beram, Ross Bergman, Denny Berman,  Susan (Kipnis) Berson, Lisa Haber Burkhard, Shirley Chalick, Josh Charmatz, Alfie Cohen, David A. Cohen, Peep (Hayman) Cohen, Jackie (Abelman) Cohen, Elaine (Spooner) Coldman, Jeff Cooper, Ferne (Gendason) Cooper, Ira Deming, Lynn (Gendason) Dubin, Moe Dweck, Jon and Sloane (Drapkin) Fish, Mike Fisher, Randi (Burak) Fishman, Debra Forman, Marian (Eisman) Forman, Ryan Frankel, Joe Gimbel, Debby Miller Glasberg, Mike Goldstein, Stuart Goldstein, Mark Goldstone, Barry Greene, Briane Greene, Mitch Guber, Alan Harris,  Curt Heffler, Amy Heimberg, Sue Immerman, David Katz, David Kern, Jo Ann (Lippman) Klein, Jim Korman, Stuart Kushner, Joel Levin, Sherri (Berger) Levy, Sheri (Lipstein) Lindner, Michael Lindner, David Lipstein, Sandy Lipstein, Richard Mandy, Wndy Miller, Lauri (Goodman) Mitchell, Brian Redman, Jody Reines, Cary Reines,  Julie Ridge, Bruce Rosen, Marc Rosen, Mickey Rothstein, Sandy (Rose) Sacki, Marc Sandhaus, Sue (Riskin) Schuman, Andrew and Marcee (Rabinowitz) Senker, Karen Spigel, Stephanie Baer-Spoden,  Judy Thomas, Suzi (Burka) Walsh, Sharon (Korman) Weiss, and Maddie (Lavine) Zimmerman.