Most Memorable Camp Songs

Through all the Saginaw generations, original songs were the glue that held the summer camp experiences together.  The only given at camp was that we sang incessantly.  Often it was musical spontaneous combustion…it just happened without any prompting. There were Hill and Acropolis Songs, Big Show Tunes, Color War Songs, Skit Songs, Bunk Songs, League Team Songs, Spirit Chants, Bus Songs, Campfire Songs, Gag Songs, … Continue reading Most Memorable Camp Songs

T-Shirt Memories

Many of us have an old Acropolis Dove, Hill Hawk,  or League T-shirt in the back of a drawer or a storage box somewhere that time and personal expansion preclude the possibility of wearing again, but we still hang on to it for the sweet camp memories that it evokes. Well Randi Burak, a Saginaw lifer from 1989 to 1999, came up with a better … Continue reading T-Shirt Memories

Acropolis Memories

For all Saginaw campers and staff the bus ride up to Oxford in late June for the first day of camp was always a seminal moment for the year.  In the attached document Suanne and April Riskin, along with some help from their friends, provide a detailed Acropolis memory walk of these times from the late 1960’s and and early 1970’s.       Besides … Continue reading Acropolis Memories

Saginaw Counselor Rosters 1957 to 1972

Rummaging through old files we stumbled upon these original lists from Rose Heiman’s Olivetti of all the Boy’s and Girl’s Camp counselors during this formative era at Saginaw. What you will notice more than anything is that the names are their formal driver’s license names like Hugh (Hank), Conrad (Connie), Bruce (Blazer), and Marvin (Mickey), not necessarily the familiar names you knew them as when … Continue reading Saginaw Counselor Rosters 1957 to 1972