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Check Out The New Stuff!!

See what we have cooked up as we continue harvest new photos and memorabilia from Alums to help our existing postings grow and prosper since June 1, 2017.  Sample images of the new content are shown,  but make sure to click on the link below each image to check out  how this and other new stuff have enhanced the postings with new nostalgic splendor! Awesome … Continue reading Check Out The New Stuff!!

T-Shirt Memories

Many of us have an old Acropolis Dove, Hill Hawk,  or League T-shirt in the back of a drawer or a storage box somewhere that time and personal expansion preclude the possibility of wearing again, but we still hang on to it for the sweet camp memories that it evokes. Well Randi Burak, a Saginaw lifer from 1989 to 1999, came up with a better … Continue reading T-Shirt Memories

Got Stuff For This Site?

We are trolling for interesting stories, camp photos, camp documents, event programs, images of Hill and Acropolis jerseys and shirts, pictures of camp awards, or other cool stuff to enhance the postings on this site. Memorabilia from both Boys and Girls Camps and all generations of Saginaw Alumni are needed. Take a walk down memory lane and dig into those old photo collections and storage … Continue reading Got Stuff For This Site?