Hill-IJ Games 2009 to 2011

Across the annals of Saginaw history it is very evident that the draw for returning campers, both on the boys and girls sides, were the fraternal relationships fostered between the campers and counselors. As campers we looked up to our counselors as mentors or cool older siblings and sought to emulate their every move and mannerism.  For any of us who went through the cycle, … Continue reading Hill-IJ Games 2009 to 2011

Hill-IJ and Acropolis-IJ Games 2016

The annual Hill-IJ and Acropolis-IJ games are a focal point of the summer for the Senior Camps.  It has become an all-day alumni celebration as campers and counselors from the not-to-distant and distant pasts return to share the game-time thrills and renew relationships with Saginaw friends. For both the Hill and Acropolis the build-up for these annual grudge matches against teams from the Inter-Junior Camps … Continue reading Hill-IJ and Acropolis-IJ Games 2016

Hill-IJ Game 1979-Return To Dominance

In the late 70’s the social and political atmosphere in the country was eating into the fabric of The Hill.  By 1979 fortunes had dimmed and they had lost the Hill-IJ game three times in four years.  It seemed that desperate times called for desperate measures. Here is the account of Mark Goldstone, Zeus VIII, on the prep, playing, and celebratory aftermath of what has … Continue reading Hill-IJ Game 1979-Return To Dominance

Hill-IJ Game Then and Now

The real passion of the Hill-IJ Game started from the legendary game of 1958 when the Hill was down six runs with two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning with little hope at hand.  What happened next is the stuff of lore as the Hillmen scored seven runs in the final stanza to win leading to the cheshire grins of Hank Aberman, Ducky … Continue reading Hill-IJ Game Then and Now