Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-2018

Through the concerted efforts of Hank Aberman and his willing cohorts a record crowd of 42 Saginaw Alums attended the Third Annual Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion at the Marriott Waterfront Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore this Sunday.  Lots of new faces this year and plenty of renewed connections.   As you can see in the photo below they have all mellowed gracefully. Top Row:  Sandy (Rose) … Continue reading Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-2018

Danny and Connie

Thoughts abound among camp folks about Danny Pevner who recently passed away.  Danny started as a counselor in the 1950’s and later endeared himself to generations of campers serving as the Guidance Counselor for the Girl’s Camp in the 1960’s and on. We share with you the endearing reflections of his good buddy Connie Chalick which speak volumes to the depth and meaning of friendships … Continue reading Danny and Connie

Most Memorable Camp Songs

Through all the Saginaw generations, original songs were the glue that held the summer camp experiences together.  The only given at camp was that we sang incessantly.  Often it was musical spontaneous combustion…it just happened without any prompting. There were Hill and Acropolis Songs, Big Show Tunes, Color War Songs, Skit Songs, Bunk Songs, League Team Songs, Spirit Chants, Bus Songs, Campfire Songs, Gag Songs, … Continue reading Most Memorable Camp Songs

Hill-IJ Games 2009 to 2011

Across the annals of Saginaw history it is very evident that the draw for returning campers, both on the boys and girls sides, were the fraternal relationships fostered between the campers and counselors. As campers we looked up to our counselors as mentors or cool older siblings and sought to emulate their every move and mannerism.  For any of us who went through the cycle, … Continue reading Hill-IJ Games 2009 to 2011

Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2017

The Triennial Alumni Reunion was held the weekend of September 16th as it celebrated the 90th anniversary of the arrival in Oxford of our tribe way back in 1927.  For over 150 alums from the 1960’s to today, it was your typical Saginaw three-day celebration of good times with good friends and a bit of charitable generosity to boot in support of the Herb Cohen … Continue reading Saginaw Alumni Reunion 2017

3-on-3….Best Ever!

Twenty-One, Taps, and H.O.R.S.E. were all regular parts of the free-time recreation buffet on Hill Court.  But 3-on-3 was the lynch pin of all of those “pick-up” games and true bragging rights were at stake. It was announced this week that they are adding 3-on-3 Basketball to the Olympics in 2020.  Which prompted old, nostalgic minds who edit this website to think, who were the … Continue reading 3-on-3….Best Ever!

Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-Version II

For the second time Hank “Zeus II” Aberman organized a casual Saturday afternoon get together for Saginaw Alums at the Waterfront Marriott in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.  About 20 Supes from the 1950’s through 1970’s got together with old friends for lunch and reminiscence and a whole bunch of needling. The morning began with lots of back slapping and finger pointing at images and … Continue reading Saginaw Supes Walk-Up Reunion-Version II

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Check Out The New Stuff!!

See what we have cooked up as we continue harvest new photos and memorabilia from Alums to help our existing postings grow and prosper since June 1, 2017.  Sample images of the new content are shown,  but make sure to click on the link below each image to check out  how this and other new stuff have enhanced the postings with new nostalgic splendor! Awesome … Continue reading Check Out The New Stuff!!