T-Shirt Memories

Many of us have an old Acropolis Dove, Hill Hawk,  or League T-shirt in the back of a drawer or a storage box somewhere that time and personal expansion preclude the possibility of wearing again, but we still hang on to it for the sweet camp memories that it evokes.

Well Randi Burak, a Saginaw lifer from 1989 to 1999, came up with a better idea.  She took all these cherished Girls Camp heirlooms and had them made into a memory quilt.


These T-shirts were an important piece of the fabric of our Saginaw experiences.  Often done to themes of the times they could represent divisional camaraderie, special event participation, or subtle camp marketing propaganda on visiting day or for the bus ride going home to enlist alumni return for more camp fun.

Junior camp shirts like this would have been distributed when the kids first arrived and worn into the mess hall for some division singing and chanting.

The Eveready Bunny energizing the Juniors
1990 it was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1997 Inter Rainbow Girls

Some events were hot enough to get there own recognition.



Visiting day or the ride home was a good opportunity for the powers that be to help remind parents that next year was just ten or eleven months away and their kids would not want to miss out on the continuum of the Saginaw experience.

It certainly does….even when it is raining!
1991 maybe a Visiting Day shirt to greet the parents
Not so subtle return pitch for the bus ride home in 1994

There were alumni shirts distributed to the kids who had been there a while.  Shirts like this as well as participation plaques for the number of years we had attended created a sense of tradition and loyalty to the place.




The Acropolis girls created their own designs every summer.  The themes were consistent- peace, olive branches, and doves…..lots of doves.

Acropolis Logos from 1994 to 1996



This T-Shirt memory quilt was a very cool idea.  Bet a nap under this thing would render some sweet recollections.


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